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English to Gujarati Dictionary: roster. Meaning and definitions of roster, translation in Gujarati language for roster with similar and opposite words. To place the name of (a person) on a roster. I have rostered you for cleaning duties on the first Monday of each month. Roster candidates, who in connection with a previous application for either a generic or a Q: Does having an associated title mean that I am rostered for that.

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: a list that shows the order in which a job or duty is to be done by the members of a group. 1. a list of persons or groups, as of military personnel or units with their turns or periods of duty. 2. any list, roll, or register. [1720–30; < Dutch rooster list, roster, literally, gridiron, in reference to the ruled paper used = roost (en) to roast + -er -er 1] rostered meaning Simple past tense and past participle of roster. 4.

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A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier.

Rostered meaning

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2012-05-31 · There is a thing called a roster which is a list of who is working the shift and that means the employees will take turns at the job and sometimes means not much over-time but you can pull a double shift and for the very eager people a triple shift can sometimes be available depending on how many shifts day and/or night they are providing for their employees to work. "rostered" clergy in 2001 for having a same-sex lover. The Washington Times stories: Latest Headlines Unfortunately, it is often easier to award an assignment to a rostered “average” consultancy than to spend time reviewing and researching a new one. Rostered days off A rostered day off (RDO) is a day in a roster period that an employee doesn't have to work. An employee's day off can be paid or unpaid, depending on how RDOs are set out in an award or registered agreement. Spread out rostered hours so that shifts are a reasonable length. Remember that the employee will have travel time and costs as well as commitments (such as dependent care etc) to organise before they arrive for each shift, so make sure the shift length is long enough to justify the employee coming in.

Published 1856.
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Rostered meaning

1 A list or plan showing turns of duty or leave for individuals or groups in an organization. ‘next week's duty roster’. More example sentences.

Roster definition, a list of persons or groups, as of military personnel or units with their turns or periods of duty. See more. ‘A rostered day off is a well earned day off as most would know.’ Origin Early 18th century (originally denoting a list of duties and leave for military personnel): from Dutch rooster ‘list’, earlier ‘gridiron’, from roosten ‘to roast’, with reference to its parallel lines.
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For those serving the ELCA as a diaconal minister, deaconess or associate in ministry, names—specifically name changes—have been a hot topic for nearly a decade. After discussion and deliberation, the Word and Service Task Force has officially recommended that the three rosters of church lay leaders be unified into a single body and that its […] Rosters A roster is a timetable that shows the days and times employees are required to work. When an employer wants to change an employee’s regular roster or ordinary hours of work, they have to discuss it with the employees first. What is the abbreviation for Rostered Staff Factor? What does RSF stand for? RSF abbreviation stands for Rostered Staff Factor. 2020-11-10 If your child is rostered, meaning you have confirmed on the website that you will be playing you will receive an invite to the Game Changer app Define rostered.